Are you getting your home ready to sell in the busy Spring market?


A recent survey suggests that the average homebuyer spends about £4,000 on home improvements within four months of moving. These changes are typically things that had little bearing on the decision whether or not to buy the property, but more about making a house into a home.

Examples include ripping out a rather dated bathroom suite, changing the light fittings, adding a garden shed, replacing kitchen unit doors and painting the walls a different colour. But how far should a vendor go when deciding what improvements to make before putting the property on the market?

If you are thinking of selling your home in the coming months and have a house in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire, Sterling Estate Agents, with offices in Tring, Hemel Hempstead and Kings Langley would of course be happy to advise on this at the same time as providing you with a valuation and marketing plan.

Generally properties tend to fall into different categories of condition. Each category appeals to a different sector of the market and the rule of thumb is that if your house is generally very well presented, it is usually worth repairing/updating anything that falls short of the standard of the rest of the house, such as a rotten window frame or shabby carpet.

If however, your house is basically scruffy – don’t be ashamed! It is likely to sell to someone who wants to make improvements, so don’t waste your money on superficial enhancements. When you come to sell, why not ask us for our opinion? We go to great lengths to understand our buyers’ needs, which could save you money and reduce some of the stress as you prepare for your sale.

We all know that home improvements often increase the value or saleability of your home, but whilst most improvements enhance a property, they generally stay with it when it is sold. However, there are improvements you can make that will not only maximise the presentation of your home, but which you can also take with you when you move. Here are some suggestions:

1. Use rugs as a flexible way of improving a floor without going to the permanent expense of fitted carpets.

2. How about using freestanding new or antique wardrobes and cupboards that you can take with you when you move, rather than installing permanent fitted cupboards? Freestanding kitchen units can also look fantastic.

3. How about a concertina screen instead of curtains? Alternatively, a window with a miserable view can become a dramatic feature if you hang a stained glass design in front of it.

4. In the garden, stone garden furniture and small water features can give a sense of permanence, but can be easily removed, as can solar-powered outdoor lights.

5. If you work from home or need a playroom, a high quality timber structure in the garden is an instant, low-cost, alternative to an extension.

6. Plants and shrubs in flower beds prefer to stay there, but planted in pots and troughs, not only can
they go with you, they will also provide instant effect in your new home.

Remember you are offering buyers a home – not just a house. But do make sure that everyone is quite clear about what you intend to take with you when you move. Just avoid the phrase “that’s going”. Going with the house, or going with you?
Call us now, our valuations and expert advice is free and can mean the difference between selling and not selling, getting the best price instead of an average price.

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