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Tenant Fees



There is no charge for referencing, all occupants over 18 must complete and pass reference checks; A referencing application is completed by anyone over 18 who will live at the property.

Refundable* Holding Deposit

Equivalent to ONE Weeks Rent (NO VAT) - This will hold the property for you either until the references are complete or for FIFTEEN days, whichever is sooner.

Holding deposits will be limited to a maximum of 1 week's rent and subject to statutory legislation on the repayment of this should the tenancy not go ahead.

* The terms for holding deposit refund are as follows;

1. The landlord has 15 days to make a decision once a holding deposit is taken.

2. If the tenancy does not go ahead then the money must be repaid in full within 7 days of the deadline being reached or the landlord backing out.

3. Repayment does not need to be in full if the tenant backs out of the tenancy agreement themselves, fails referencing, fails right to rent checks, has provided false or misleading information, or where the landlord tries their best to get the information needed but the tenant fails to provide it within the 15 days in point 1.

4. If the tenancy does go ahead, the holding deposit must be returned within 7 days of agreement, unless it is converted into part payment of the actual deposit or used towards the initial rent payment.


Limited to 5 weeks rent as a maximum amount for tenancies where the annual rent is below £50,000, where the annual rent is £50,000 or over deposits will be the equivalent of 6 weeks rent.

Late Payment

Interest on late rent will be charged at base rate plus 3% from the rent due date - This charge will be levied if a payment is not received in cleared funds by the due date as per the terms of the tenancy agreement. Interest payments will always take priority over rent payments to avoid outstanding amounts rolling up.

Breach Of Tenancy

£60 Inc VAT - Due On Invoice - In the event that we have to write to you about ANY breach of tenancy - This charge will be levied if we have to write to you about any breach of tenancy, examples of this include rent not being received by the due date or unauthorised pets at the property.

Tenancy Agreement Amendments

£60 Inc VAT - Due On Invoice - This charge will be levied prior to any amendments (which will be subject to landlord agreement) being made to the tenancy agreement.

Early Vacate Costs

Varies by property and circumstance - Due On Invoice - If you request to vacate before the end of the agreed fixed term - This charge will be levied if you seek to vacate before the end of any agreed fixed term tenancy at the property and WILL BE PART OF any agreement on vacating terms

Agency Reference For New Tenancy

£30 Inc Vat Per Tenant - Due On Invoice - If Requested By Tenant - This must be paid every time a request is received in order for us to provide all/any required information to a new landlord/agent.

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